Francoski Tipkovnico za Asus F50Q F50S F50SF F75VC F75VD X61 N61 G60 G51 k53s P53E P53SJ X61Q X61S X61Sf N53SN FR AZERTY nova

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Oznake: asus x751ld, azerty francoski tipkovnico, tipkovnica mechan, asus k53sd, x55vd, x54h, primeru k53s, mater asus x53s, asus tipkovnico azerty, teclados mecanicos.

    €7.09 €8.54
  • Številka Modela: N53Ta F50 X73SD X73SM K73E X55H X55A X7BJ X7BJF X7BJG X7BJN X7BJQ X7BS
  • Poreklo: CN(Izvora)
  • Blagovna Znamka: GZEELE
  • STANDARD: Francoski Standard
  • Združljiv Blagovne Znamke: Asus

"The package arrived quickly. The product very well packaged and looks good quality knowing that I have not tested the keyboard yet. I recommend the seller"
"Dont work bad quality"

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